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We want to help you:
ACQUIRE – MANAGE & most importantly make your investment PROFITABLE.


Camsun Vacations is a property management company. Since its inception we have seen a positive growth every year. Our business objective is to provide fully furnished vacation rentals as a "hotel alternative". Our properties are ideally suited for larger families who have more discerning taste and prefer luxury they are accustomed to.

Our services include

  • Accommodations, Discount Tickets, Car Rentals, Golf packages,
    attraction packages in Orlando.
  • Management services for properties.
  • Real estate sales.

Our primary clientele consists of

  • Family vacationers, groups, FIT, family leisure and corporate clients, seniors, and sports group.
  • We supply to travel agents, wholesalers, corporate group planners, tour operators, corporate relocation, and the retail clients.
  • Our client come from domestic and international markets such as UK, Canada, US.

We are Camsun Vacations, established in 1992. Our primary goal is to manage and rent vacation homes and condos in the very lucrative tourist corridor of Kissimmee Florida. Our specialty is providing "alternate accommodations" to the typical cramped hotel rooms.

Our clients have larger families, and like to have the creature comforts of their own homes, even when vacationing. These clients are affluent and are willing to pay good money for properties that offer them the luxuries, convenience and quality all at the same time. Most of the properties we manage are prime locations meaning the properties are located within a 10 – 20 mile radius of Disney World/ Universal/ Sea World.

If you are looking for a vacation property to buy, or if you already have made the acquisition and are looking for a reputable Company who will give your investment the best chance to succeed and be profitable, please give us try. We assure you that we will give it our very best. We are located very close to most of these properties and hence it allows us to give it special attention that it needs.

As you already know or will soon find out, the short-term vacation rental market can be quite lucrative and this involves high traffic, and in the absence of a careful and diligent caretaker, the investment can lose its value and profitability very rapidly. Your property will exhibit wear and tear that is beyond the norm of regular usage. Hence you are well advised to have a professional to protect your investment. Monitoring, maintaining, and renting these properties on a consistent basis over a reasonable time will make your investment provide you cap rates in excess of 10 – 15 %.

We welcome you to Camsun Vacations and hope you find us a good fit for your investment. We will assure you that your will have our best efforts and the endeavor is a successful for all of us involved.

With Regards

Jim Malak


Our responsibilities to homeowners include:

Maintenance –

Day to day maintenance, on call maintenance, periodic check of the property.

Day to day maintenance would include services that the property is going to need on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Services such as pool maintenance, lawn care, pest control are included here.

On call maintenance would be when there are guests in the house and problem arise, we will get the problem resolved for you.

Periodic check are to ensure that things like furniture, fixtures, paint, appliances, pool equipment, linens are in good condition. We offer you suggestions as to what needs to be replaced and when.

Cleaning –

Cleans are made every time there are guests checking out from the property. We also perform deep cleans on the units and carpet clean on a bi-yearly or need basis.

Bill paying / account administration –

You accounts setup is done when property is taken over by us. Bills are received and paid on your behalf, state taxes are collected and paid, your rental income is accounted, expenses and disbursements for your property are all recorded on a monthly basis and a report sent to you.

Rentals –

We have a steady stream of bookings that we place in several properties depending on the guest preferences, location they have specified and lastly the quality of the home they are looking for. The owners who do well with their properties are the ones who stay involved and help generate bookings for their units. We see this relationship as a team effort, where every one involved should do their part in bringing in the business. We all work together toward a common goal and that is to keep our investments fine tuned and producing the returns that we had expected from them.

Our typical contract involves management of your property for a fixed monthly fee. Even if your property is not rented in a certain month , it will still need maintenance, and hence we charge a monthly management fee.

The rentals that we put in your property will be split at 70 / 30 split.

The rentals you or your associates will put in the property will be split 80/20 split

There are times when our business forecast calls for some guaranteed rentals. This is a program where Camsun Vacations will take your property for a predetermined length of time for a negotiated monthly rate. You as the owner will always be responsible to pay the mortgage, taxes, insurance and home owners association dues. We will pay you a fixed monthly amount for the use of the property. As the risk factor is being shifted to our company, in these situations, the monthly guaranteed is offered at lower rates than a regular rental would be able to produce.

We hope you will take the time to review the enclosed figures and details. We look forward to providing you with our services in the near future.


Management Agreement


Your account with CVE
A deposit of $ 1000.00 is required to establish your account with Camsun Vacation. This deposit ensures that we have adequate funds on hand to get all the utilities services connected and to maintain the property and pay for the fixed expense part of the program.

It will be the owner’s responsibility to keep this balance to $ 1000 at any given time.

Owners are responsible for paying monthly, all regular management expenses shown on the attached sheet. Plus cost of utilities (services), repairs, replacements, home owners association dues, real estate taxes, property hazard/content insurance and mortgage payments.

Authority of spending limit
CVE is authorized to execute repair, replacement, or similar work up to a total of $ 300 in value, without approval from the owner.

Exclusion to the $ 300 limit is when repairs are needed in an emergency basis and needs to be attended to immediately, so as to keep the property and its guest secure safe and habitable.

For repairs that require expenses that are above the $ 300 limit, CVE will submit the proposal to the owner for their approval, before obligating or executing the repairs.

Rental commissions:
You as the owner will be credited 70 % of the total net rental. These credits are the income figures for your property being net of all discounts and commissions to tour operators, travel companies, accommodations booking agents and Camsun Vacation Enterprises.

THIS AGREEMENT IS MADE THIS __________________ DAY OF _____________ 20________

The initial term of this agreement is for a period of twelve months, beginning _____________________________ AND ending _______________________

This agreement will automatically renew at the end of the first and each subsequent twelve months periods, unless written notice is given by one party to the other, thirty days prior to the end of the previous twelve – month agreement.

The agreement is between Camsun Vacation Enterprises ( CVE) as the management company AND ________________________________ , hereinafter referred to as OWNER.

Whereas, CVE proposes to provide property and rental management services for the real property owned by the OWNER (name) ______________________

And OWNER ACCEPTS services of the company for due consideration, for the property located at


Florida, hereinafter referred to as HOME.


OWNERS : X________________________________________


FOR CVE: X________________________________________


Date of execution: ______________________________________

Initials of owner



Fixed cost

Condo properties Homes w/ pools

Management Fees

$ 115 $135

Pool services

$ 0.00 $ 85

Lawn Care

$0.00 $ 75

Pest control

$ 30 $ 40

Variable cost

Phone $25 $25
Cable $50 $50
Electric $ 80 $110
Water $ 15 $25

Home owners

$ 160 $ 0.00
Total Fixed Costs

Management fees include:

Maintenance labor :

Hourly rate of $ 30/hour.

PLUS parts.

Rental commission:

30 % of the total rental.

  • General day to day management.
  • Upkeep of property.
  • Bill paying.
  • Financial accounts.
  • Sales tax reporting.




I ________________________________________

Owner of property located at _____________________________

Do make, constitute, and appoint CAMSUN VACATIONS , THE MANAGEMENT COMPANY to be my true and lawful attorney for and in my name, place and stead I give and grant unto said attorney full power and authority to do and perform all and every act and thing whatsoever requisite and necessary to be done as fully, to all intents and purposes as I might or could do if personally present, with full power of substitution and revocation, herby ratifying and confirming that the said attorney or its substitute shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue hereof. Camsun vacations shall be limited to the performance of the regularly customarily acknowledge property management practices, including, but not limited to, inspection and entrance onto the property and engaging in transactions with utility companies.




________________________________ _________________


DATE: ___________________________



____________________________________ ___________________________


DATE: ______________________________



____________________________________ ___________________________


DATE: ______________________________




Address: ______________________________________



Subdivision: _______________________________________________

Property phone: _______________________________________________





Home address: ______________________________________________

Home phone: ________________________ Home Fax: _______________________

Work phone: ________________________ Work Fax: _______________________

Private e-mail: _______________________ Work e-mail ______________________


Social Security number: __________________________________________


Tax Identification number: ________________________________________


Signature of OWNER/S





U.S. Citizens are required to sign an I.R.S form W-9, Which relieves the management company from the responsibility of paying personal income tax, on behalf of the owner to the IRS.

__________________________________________ ______________________

Camsun Vacation representative Title



__________________________________________ ______________________

Owner signature printed name



__________________________________________ ______________________

Owner signature printed name




DATED THIS DAY OF ________________ OF ___________________20_________


Start up cost estimates

Start up setup $ 50
Security locks $ 250
Fire extinguisher $ 50
Electric deposit $ 150
Cable TV Installation $ 35
Telephone Installation $ 35
Water & refuse deposit $ 0
Florida state DBPR license $ 275
Florida state tax ID $ 5.00
County short term license $ 45
Total start up cost's