Orlando Corporate Rentals
   P O Box 470113, Celebration FL 34747
  Phone: 407-566-8687, 321-286-5942, Fax: 407-566-8646, Skype: jimalak
Web Page: www.holidayrentalflorida.com

 Payments: Payment for your booking is a TWO step process:
A) Payment of «Dep_1» Is required with a signed copy of the lease on or before the 1st. Payment due date. This will confirm your reservation and is a nonrefundable deposit unless reservation is cancelled 30 days prior to arrival date. If reservation less than 30 days away, full payment will be requested.  
B) Payment of «Dep_2» . This Is due 30 days before your arrival date, as indicated by 2nd. Payment due date.
Payment by check: Send amount of 1st. Payment with the signed lease, 2nd. Payment by due date.  
Payment by credit card: Fill out your credit card number above, sign the lease and send it to us. You are authorizing us to charge your account for Payment (1) upon receipt & Payment (2), 30 days prior to your arrival. A reservation fee of $35 will be charged with every booking.

 Security Deposit: Required deposit is either indicated on this contract or will be payable upon arrival in the amount of $ 300.00. Deposit is refundable 14 days after termination date, subject to no violations or damages to unit’s .Deposit protect units and its contents from malicious and negligent damages. Damages or problems not reported by the tenant in occupancy will be charged to the tenant. If checkout procedures are not followed, you will incur a charge against your security deposit. If no security deposit is assessed, lessee agrees and authorizes damages to be charged to their credit card or agrees to pay in full upon demand.

  Check out procedures: a) Beds that have been used must be stripped and dirty linens and towels put in the laundry room. b) All trash removed and placed available for pick up. c) Food items should be thrown away. d) All dishes washed and put away. e) Doors and windows locked, and electrical equipment turned off. f) Keys returned in accordance with the instructions. Any other damages to the home or negligence resulting in damage to the homes or contents will result in repair costs at your expense. Damages exceeding the cost of security deposit will be the responsibility of guest and will be paid within 30 days of billing. Villas are inspected after each rental, if no problems reported, security deposit will be returned.

   Cancellations: All cancellations or changes incur a $ 100 fee. Cancellations may be called in; however, a written notice is required. Cancellations should be made 30 days prior to date of arrival; cancellations within 30 days are automatically subject to forfeiture.

Occupancy: Restricted to number of occupants as described for that villa & specified on the lease.

 Accommodations: Every attempt is made to provide accurate information. Distances quoted are approximate and we cannot be held responsible for any misinformation you may find. Complaints, if any, should be in writing.
* Internet/phones.: We do not have land lines in our unit, If a phone is required, please call our office, Internet where available is $ 35/week

Additional services: Pool Heat: $ 35.00/day(only for homes),crib/high chair: $ 35.00/week. Cleaning fees apply for less than 7 nights stay.

 Repairs: No refunds are issued for malfunctioning equipment. All problems will be corrected as soon as possible. Agents or authorized employee may enter the premises for purpose of repair or maintenance.
Guest Obligations: a) Guest is responsible for damages as outlined under security deposit. b) Guest agrees to indemnify and save agency and its employees, and agents, free and harmless from any liabilities for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from, related to, or in connection with rental of the premises, included but not limited to any claim or liability for personal injury or damage or loss of property which is made, incurred or sustained by guest (lessee) or guest's of guests. You have option to buy separate insurance to secure your valuables during your stay to cover you for loss or theft.
  Non availability: Should the villa confirmed to the guest become unavailable for any reason for the contracted rental period, agent will immediately inform guest & proceed to find an equivalent accommodations or promptly return all rental payments made to Camsun Vacation Enterprise.
   Specific addresses and properties are not guaranteed and reservation can be moved any time to equivalent properties.
 Check in/out: Checkout is promptly at 10 AM. Check in at 4.00 P.M. Guest needing extensions may do so only upon approval.
By signing this lease I authorize the Leaser to hold a confirmed reservation on my behalf and promise to pay «Total»
Leaser: Camsun Vacation Enterprise                                                                                 Lessee: «Name»
                SIGN:                                                                                                     SIGN:                                                                                   

Date:  Wednesday, September 03, 2014                                                                        Date:____________________________

This is a sample of the lease that you will be required to sign. Please review this so there are no questions when the lease is sent to you for your approval.